The Traditional General Store –TGS- has been a successful business for over 20 years in its current form and in existence for 20 before that.  It is a thriving traveling store selling items that are relevant to the 1800’s and before.  I am ready to retire from the road and would rather focus on sewing Historical clothing and crafting items that are relevant to the period.  I have been running it by myself since my husband died and it would be beneficial for a team to maintain the store and build the website to its fullest potential. 

   The Traditional Store has always been a store that goes to historical re-enactments, sets up and offers American History to the re-enactors and the public who come to enjoy our Historical enactments. The store carries items that would have been found in general stores/mercantiles throughout American History and the written Histories for many of the items found in the store are provided.  Helping people to see, feel, touch the items they have only read about in textbooks or seen on TV is highly rewarding.  People leave with some knowledge of American History they didn’t come in with, as well as a token to take home.  Such as “What is a Sulfur Stick?”  (Do you know?)

   The shows TGS goes to are generally historical re-enactments. They include Mountain Men Rendezvous, Civil War Events, a Pioneer Village, Cheyenne Frontier Days, Cowboy Shooting (Single Action Shooting Society), Cowboy re-enactments/gunfight skit competitions, and Society of Creative Anachronism events (which have a wider period range) as well as Steampunk events. There are also Renaissance or Pirate events that are available but TGS hasn’t been to. The store will fit within most historical themed events.

    TGS is well established and known by many customers who return time and again to replenish items they need for their attire of different era’s, get supplies for things they are making, enhance their knowledge of American History gone by.  We have customers who are now returning with their kids for they have been coming to the Traditional General Store since they were little.    Schools take field trips to these events and the kids get to see, feel, and touch items they have only read about in school books.  Artists and craft people purchase items to authenticate their crafts.  People from all over the world come into the store.

     TGS is a profitable and viable business for someone who is interested in History (especially American), work, travel, and meeting/talking to a large variety of people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Currently, TGS has a circuit of shows in Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. TGS has done events in Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska,  and Minnesota.   There is also a website which can be developed into a sales platform. 

The sale of TGS includes:

  1. Name -Traditional General Store (TGS).  It has been in business underTGS since 1994 .
  2. Web page:  www.traditionalgeneralstore.com
  3. Complete circuit of shows- 14-16 a year with a good reputation (They are all profitable for the TGS.)
  4. All contacts for current shows
  5. Complete accounts for sourcing inventory: source – contact - products
  6. All the Histories that have been researched for the items in the store and more
  7. All the finished inventory at time of sale
  8. All the props for display
  9. The 20’ X 20’ Canvas tent – including poles, ropes, interior shelving, and displays
  10. The store front at Cheyenne Frontier Days (a 12 ft X 24 ft store that is rented each year has the very basic shelving  and grid work there so you don’t have to bring the canvas tent)
  11. Trailer – 6’ x 12’ w/nose, 2015(bought new).  Holds all inventory, tent set up, poles, stakes and ropes
  12.  Motor home, 2006 class C  Coachman Freelander 28’, V10 - (it pulls the trailer and you can live in it at shows thus saving on motels and food while traveling)
  13.  I will do these 4 shows with you the first year to introduce you to them and the “family”    

            1. Santa Clarita in California
            2. Cheyenne Frontier days in Wyoming
            3. Clackamas County Fair in Oregon
            4. Gold Rush Days in California

  Buyer will also receive the first option to buy all clothing and inventory (leather bags, marble bags, fabric dolls, and similar items) for the first 2 years at wholesale price. If you don’t want them, they will be offer them up on the open market under my new brand (TuLuceLa Threads Designs)
 I sew clothing for the store (when I can and purchase others to fill in) I am offering everything+ I make at wholesale prices to you for 2 years – first before I offer it on line under “TuLuceLaThreads Designs”      

Any other raw materials I have are not included in the sale of TGS, but their sale can be negotiated separately.


If you have interest or wish to see where the shows TGS does are listed on the web page. 
or more information, or if you’re interested please contact me

Linda Allen 

aka: Tu Luce La Threads

Traditional General Store



Canvas Tent - Historical Traveling Store

"Have Store Will Travel"


Traditional General Store - an 1800’s Traveling General Store


  A little bit about what the Traditional General Store is about.  I started as a blanket trader back  in 1978 in Washington State.  I was making items of leather and beads and sold them on a blanket at Rendezvous' to support our family going out and enjoying the sport of the Mountain Man and it has escalated since then to become an "1800 Traveling General Store".  I do Historical events such as Mountain Man Rendezvous', Civil War Events, S.A.S.S (Single Action Shooting Society, S.C.A. (The Society for Creative Anachronism),Clackamus County Fair (a Pioneer village for over 30 years), Old Sacramento Gold Rush Days, many events I have helped put on and much more as long as History was involved.  Most of what is in the Traditional General Store has some relevance to American History.  If one does not go out with something in their hands they go out with something they earned without having to read it in a book.
Our Motto is:  "If we don't have it you really didn't need it"

I carry a line of clothing ( I make the majority of clothing that I carry) for the woman, man and children from outer garments to undergarments, hats, jewelry, watches, sundials, shoes, and accessories for women and men.  We have musical instruments, trunks, furs, fur hats, leather bags, fur bags, necklaces, kids toys, games, antler products such as candle sticks, quill pens, ink wells, journals, powdered ink, hair ties, Indian items, suckers, buttons and things, turtle shells, bones, skulls etc.  A lot of our items have the written history that lets the people read about how they related to American history.  If it doesn’t have the written history then we give it to them verbally.  So even if they do not go out with a purchase they at least have gain a little knowledge.

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