​Tailed Jacket and Walking Skirt.


Camisole, Petticoat, Pantaloons


Pantaloons & Camisole

Corselet & Pocket

Full Skirt, Garibaldi Blouse

Half Apron

Beaver Vest​ 

Full  Skirt & Spanish Blouse

​Front Button Dress

This page is still being worked on,  more pictures to come.

Full Coyote Hat

Front Button Dress

Camisole & Pantaloons

Camisole, Petticoat, Pantaloons

Full Raccoon Hat

Roger Ranger or Frock Coat

Here you will see pictures of the type of clothing I make and sell.  One never knows what the fashion will be in the store.  But it is always a treat and awesome to wear.

Bearallo Coat

Buffalo body, Bear top sleeve and collar,

deer undersleeve

Vaquero Trousers

Steampunk Jacket & Skirt

​​Walking Skirt

Garibaldi Blouse