Vaquero Trousers

Steampunk Jacket & Skirt

Front Button Dress

Camisole & Pantaloons

Camisole, Petticoat, Pantaloons

Pantaloons & Camisole

Corselet & Pocket

Full  Skirt & Spanish Blouse

​Front Button Dress

Full Coyote Hat


​​Walking Skirt

Garibaldi Blouse

Full Skirt, Garibaldi Blouse

Half Apron

Camisole, Petticoat, Pantaloons


Bearallo Coat

Buffalo body, Bear top sleeve and collar,

deer undersleeve

​Tailed Jacket and Walking Skirt.

Roger Ranger or Frock Coat

This page is still being worked on,  more pictures to come.

Here you will see pictures of the type of clothing I make and sell.  One never knows what the fashion will be in the store.  But it is always a treat and awesome to wear.

Beaver Vest​ 

Full Raccoon Hat